THE PARROTS AND THE CARDINALS (age 36 months – Kindergarten)

Welcome to the Parrots and the Cardinals class! (age 3 years – Kindergarten)

The Parrots are the younger preschool class (3 years) and the Cardinals are the older preschool class (4-5 years).

Preschool is a time in your child’s life where they are preparing to enter Kindergarten.  We have a different theme each month in the preschool department including Cooking Day, Tasting Day, Movie Day, and a special lunch once a month.  Our lesson plans that are followed on a daily basis at group time and throughout the day are posted on our bulletin board.  We send home monthly calendars to let you know when our activities are planned.

Our programs are planned specifically for your child’s needs.  Your child will be assessed at least twice a year so that we are able to see where your child is developing and how we can help in the developmental areas that are needed.  These preschool lesson plans and activities are specially designed to prepare your child for Kindergarten.